North American Tool & Die

Welcome to our updated web site; if this is your initial visit please allow me to introduce you to one of the largest die sinking companies in Canada. North American Tool & Die, established in 1977 is situated in Port Colborne, Ontario, just a few minutes from Buffalo New York.
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We offer a comprehensive die sinking and trimmer-making service from design and the supply of blueprints through to carefully inspected tools and casts, which are shipped complete with inspection reports. Our facility is located in a modern 12000 square foot building equipped with state-of-the-art die sinking equipment. Our skilled trades people are experienced in all facets of tool and die making; we are also involved in custom fabrication for many different industrial applications.

Our central location, plus technological advances in communications, have made it very convenient to offer our services across the continent. Our American customers acknowledge that they experience significant savings using our services. The favorable exchange rate, in conjunction with our expertise in this industry makes North American Tool & Die the optimum choice for your tooling requirements.

In 2003, we increased our capacity with the addition of a second facility, located at 60 Udine Avenue in Welland Ontario.  This 15,000 square foot plant houses our stamping and production machining department, where a variety of automotive components are produced.  The highly competitive global market for this typpe of industry deictates that we must remain on the cutting edge of manufacturing and design.  Plant 2 is a 24 hour/7 day operation, employing a large group of production machine operators, supported by a team of highly skilled Tool & Die Makers, General Machinists, Lathe Machinists, and Quality Managers.

I would welcome the opportunity to bid on any dies or tooling which may be available for tender. If you should like to find out more about our capabilities here a North American Tool & Die, please click through our site, or contact me by phone. Weekdays at (905)835-5230 or e-mail

I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

Yours Truly,

George Maxwell
General Manager